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A tool is a device or a piece of equipment that typically provides a mechanical advantage in accomplishing a task or enables the accomplishment of a task not otherwise possible. The most basic tools are simple machines. For example, a crowbar simply functions as a lever.The further out from the pivot point, the more force is transmitted along the lever.

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Ancillary equipment for the rig included a comprehensive instrumentation system, remote blowout preventer controls and centrifugal mud distribution pumps. A number of important items supplement the drilling rig and are known as ancillary equipment. Ancillary equipment …

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Nov 05, 2018· equipment (usually uncountable, plural equipments) The act of equipping, or the state of being equipped, as for a voyage or expedition. (Can we date this quote?) David Hume: The equipment of the fleet was hastened by De Witt. Whatever is used in equipping something or someone, for example things needed for an expedition or voyage.

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Generally, safety equipment is the protection that is used by workers to avoid injuries, casualties, life threatening situations etc.. Different types of safety equipment are used by workers depending upon the nature of risk involved in the work.

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The Macmillan Dictionary blog explores English as it is spoken around the world today. global English and language change from our blog Definition and synonyms of equipment from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education.

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Electrical equipment is material, fittings, devices, and appliances that are used as a part of, or in connection with, an electrical installation.

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Definition: Equipment is a type of fixed asset used by a company in its business operations and reported on the long-term assets section of the balance sheet under the line item property, plant, and equipment.

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Define equipment. equipment synonyms, equipment pronunciation, equipment translation, English dictionary definition of equipment. n. 1. The act of equipping or the state of being equipped: responsible for the rapid equipment of the troops. 2. Something with which a person,...

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Heavy equipment refers to heavy-duty vehicles, specially designed for executing construction tasks, most frequently ones involving earthwork operations. They are also known as heavy machines, heavy trucks, construction equipment, engineering equipment, heavy vehicles, or heavy hydraulics.

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11 synonyms of equipment from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 23 related words, definitions, and antonyms. Find another word for equipment. items needed for the performance of a task or activity Synonyms: accoutrements, apparatus, gear…

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equipment [e-kwip´ment] necessary tools or provisions. durable medical equipment nonexpendable articles primarily used for medical purposes in cases of illness or injury; this includes hospital beds, respirators, walkers, and apnea monitors. e·quip·ment (ĕ-kwip'mĕnt) Supplies, tools, or other materials required to perform a specific task or ...

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Equipment Tangible assets that are peripheral to a company's operations but are nonetheless necessary. Equipment is generally moveable and may be more or less expensive than other equipment. Trucks to transport materials and toilet paper for customer bathrooms are both examples of equipment. equipment Fixed assets that are acquired as additions or ...

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• Equipment is an uncountable noun and is not used in the plural. You say: The laboratory has all the latest equipment. Don't say: The laboratory has all the latest equipments. • Equipment is always followed by a singular verb: All our equipment has been carefully tested.

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A list of equipment I have to take along. A new equipment will be introduced a piece of equipment A piece of equipment for showing weight a rickrack of sports equipment a useful equipment? Acception or Acceptace of the Equipment? additions to property,plant and equipment and highly (skilled) workers are needed to maintain and repair the equipment.

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Definition of equipment written for English Language Learners from the Merriam-Webster Learner's Dictionary with audio pronunciations, usage examples, and count/noncount noun labels.

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the personal knowledge and skill required for a task, occupation, etc.: He has the necessary equipment for law. the rolling stock of a railroad.

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Medical equipment (also known as armamentarium) is designed to aid in the diagnosis, monitoring or treatment of medical conditions.

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'The equipment of the truck with large profiled solid rubber tyres allows best floor contact also on wet and bumpy floors.' 'I feel it my duty to state the great activity, energy, and zeal shown by the Admiral in superintending the equipment of the Danish ships and the embarkation of the stores from the arsenal.'

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Outdoor equipment synonyms, Outdoor equipment pronunciation, Outdoor equipment translation, English dictionary definition of Outdoor equipment. n. 1. A device, such as a saw, shovel, or drill, used to perform or facilitate manual or mechanical work. …

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see definition of equipment noun supplies, gear for activity Relevance ranks synonyms and suggests the best matches based on how closely a synonym's sense matches the sense you selected.

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Equipment definition is - the set of articles or physical resources serving to equip a person or thing: such as. How to use equipment in a sentence. the set of articles or physical resources serving to equip a person or thing: such as…

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Definition of equipment noun in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary. Meaning, pronunciation, picture, example sentences, grammar, usage notes, synonyms and more. We use cookies to enhance your experience on our website, including to provide targeted advertising and track usage.

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Definition of PROPERTY, PLANT, AND EQUIPMENT: This is a complete listing of all of the property ans equipment owned by a company. It includes things such as buildings, machinery, capital leases, The Law Dictionary Featuring Black's Law Dictionary Free Online Legal Dictionary 2nd Ed.

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equipment definition: Equipment is defined as whatever a person, group or thing needs for a given purpose. (noun) An example of equipment is a tow hitch for towing a trailer.... Definitions

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Sponsored by outdoor equipment manufacturers, the expedition will photograph and document any signs of the original forty-niners' passage, noting the coordinates of the site with a global positioning satellite navigator the BLM has loaned the group.

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mobile equipment, property, plant, and equipment, equipment leasing partnership, gain on sale of equipment, equipment breakdown insurance, property and equipment turnover, office equipment, equipment financing, physicians and surgeons' equipment form, equipment trust certificate

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equipment definition: 1. the set of necessary tools, clothing, etc. for a particular purpose: 2. the act of equipping a person or place 3. the set of tools, clothing, etc., needed for …

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Tangible property (other than land or buildings) that is used in the operations of a business. Examples of equipment include devices, machines, tools, and vehicles.