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A big edge for chlorine is how easy it is to apply to water, even for beginning pool owners. While bromine dissolves better in water temperatures over 75 degrees Fahrenheit, chlorine is more effective in temperatures less than 75.

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Non-chlorine oxidizers may be used instead of chlorine breakpoint chlorination, but the pool will still have to be superchlorinated periodically with a chlorine compound to kill off the bacteria that become resistant to constant exposure to low levels of disinfectant (chlorine or bromine). Non-chlorine oxidizer

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Jun 26, 2017· Do not attempt to convert a bromine pool to chlorine, even salt-chlorine. It is not possible. The chlorine generated will simply regenerate the bromine. There are definite advantages and disadvantages to using bromine. Bromine is considered better by some pool owners because bromine is usually much less irritating to the skin and eyes. Many ...

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• When one of the bathers develops a reaction to the chlorine/bromine. • When the chlorine smell becomes unbearable • When concerned about the environment. It is relatively easy to convert the spa or pool to a system completely free of chlorine/bromine, which has no

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1. Sanitize Pool (20 min) 2. Add MNP (10 mins. later) 3. Play (30 mins. later) You can convert from Chlorine, Bromine or Salt Pools to My Natural Pool in just …

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Jun 14, 2008· The test for chlorine and the test for bromine are essentially identical, except that the ratio is different (you multiply the results from the chlorine scale by 2.25 to get the amount of bromine). If you have bromine in the pool, you cannot have chlorine. The chlorine will just oxidize the bromine and you're right back to a bromine pool.

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Shock the Pool. With NON-Chlorine pool shock, also called potassium peroxymonosulfate. Add it at a rate of 5 lbs. per 10,000 gallons of pool water. So, if your pool is 22,000 gallons, you'll need about 11 lbs. Add 1/2 the shock, wait 24 - 48 hrs and then add the remaining. This step is important to oxidize remaining traces of peroxide in the water.

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The bottom line is, if you want to convert your pool from Bromine to Chlorine, you can't, unless you drain the pool & start again fresh. The old axiom stands, "once a bromine pool, always a bromine pool." Keep in mind that using products that contain sodium bromide can & will cause the pool to be converted to a bromine pool over time & can ...

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Bromine is becoming a preferred disinfectant over chlorine for pools and spas. It has no detectable odor, and rarely causes skin irritation to swimmers. Here is how you can convert your chlorinated pool to a bromine pool.

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Bromine tablets, those that use the BCDMH recipe, are protected from the sun in a different manner, and the activity of bromine in a pool is roughly the same as stabilized chlorine. Our bromine tablets are a mixture of 61% bromine, and 27% chlorine, but require no stabilization.

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The steps to converting your spa from 120V to 240V operation are shown below and must • Shock the water (add either chlorine or bromine sanitizer). • When you …

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Jun 28, 2014· Had both spa and pool with Baquacil. Recently bought new spa-switched it to bromine. Need to convert pool by summer. Should I use bromine in pool or switch both to chlorine for pool season (plan to drain and clean the tub around that time anyway)

How to Properly Maintain Swimming Pool Water Chemistry

Jun 26, 2017· Do not attempt to convert a bromine pool to chlorine, even salt-chlorine. It is not possible. The chlorine generated will simply regenerate the bromine. There are definite advantages and disadvantages to using bromine. Bromine is considered better by some pool owners because bromine …

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Once a bromine pool, always a bromine pool. That adage is mostly true. Though it is very easy to convert a chlorine pool into a bromine pool simply by adding either sodium bromide or bromine (tabs), converting from bromine to chlorine pretty much does require a drain/refill.

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How to Use Your Test Kit 1) Measuring Chlorine or Bromine There are three yellow-cap bottles in the Taylor test kit; DPD Reagent #1, DPD Reagent #2, and DPD Reagent #3. The first two are used to measure free active chlorine (or bromine); DPD #3 is used to measure total chlorine, from which a combined chlorine level can be calculated.

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Shocking a pool kills bacteria, germs and other organisms that can make for an unpleasant swim. Chlorine and bromine are the two most effective shockers, in that order, with bromine causing less eye irritation and releasing fewer odorous fumes than chlorine.

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May 30, 2006· Second, I question how well you can clean the feeder out. I don't know the amount of bromine needed to convert the chlorine pool back to a bromine pool but the amount of bromine that is used as a mustard algae treatment (which converts the pool to bromine …

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Salt water chlorinators use salt to generate chlorine instead of dumping chemicals into your hot tub. However, the end result is much the same as using chemicals. Convert to a Salt Water Hot Tub. Now let's take a look at the steps it will take for you to convert your existing hot tub into a salt water hot tub.

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Converting your Spa or Hot tub from Bromine to Chlorine In converting your spa or hot tub from Bromine to Chlorine, there's only one thing to do: drain the spa and change the water. To be sure that ALL of the bromine is out of the spa, you may have to drain and refill the tub a couple of times.

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Home / Converting from Baquacil® to Chlorine or Bromine Remember to keep your filter running while adding any chemicals and for at least four to six hours after, in order to circulate the chemicals. Even better, run 24/7 until you're done.

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Converting a chlorine pool to a bromine one is a simple process. You simply balance your water levels and start adding bromine instead of chlorine. Because chlorine activates bromine, you'll need to periodically shock your pool with bleach to rejuvenate your bromine …

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Here it is: chlorine converts 'used up' bromine (bromide) back to free bromine, and in the process, is converted itself to 'used up' chlorine. As a result, as long as even 2 or 3 ppm of bromide ions remain in the water, you CAN'T have a chlorinated pool.

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May 23, 2013· Regardless, so long as bromide ions remain in the pool, your pool will be a bromine pool, since any added chlorine will react with the bromide much faster than anything else in the pool. Repeated high levels of added chlorine might eventually convert the …

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You can shock a bromine pool, with non-chlorine shock or with chlorine shock - but you won't need to shock a bromine pool to remove bromamines, (combined bromine), which are still active sanitizers. But you may shock a bromine pool for other reasons, to oxidize contaminants and bacteria or to create bromine. ... which will continue to convert ...

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In Summary, using Bromine in your spa or hot tub is best, but to be effective, there needs to be a good level of bromide ions in the water. Regular oxidation, or shocking is also important to convert the bromide into bromine. Use bromine tablets to more easily maintain a consistent bromine level.

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Bromine pools do occasionally need to be shocked with Chlorine but when you do this, the Chlorine oxidises to form Hypobrumus Acid and the Chlorine is liberated. Once a pool is treated with Bromine it is always a Bromine pool until it is drained and re-filled.

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There are test kits labeled as "Bromine Test Kit", but they are simply chlorine test kits, slightly modified for use with Bromine. If you are using a chlorine color comparison chart with test strips, or matching colors with a test kit comparator for chlorine, multiply the result by 2.25 to convert a chlorine test to a bromine test.

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Aug 01, 2011· In talking to the pool guys we had hired (who we now have a severed relationship with, as they accused us of the wrong-doing, and lying), they briefly mentioned a conversion process of turning a bromine pool into a chlorine pool.